When Media Spotlight began in 1977, we were the first ministry on a national scale to specifically address the ungodly nature of the secular media, particularly in motion pictures, television, toys, games, and a myriad of other problems that contribute to Christians living no differently than the rest of the world.

The mass media have impacted the Body of Christ as much as they have society. Many Christians are so dependent upon the media that they aren't aware of how lukewarm they have become. We have many testimonies from readers who tell us that, because of Media Spotlight, they have become aware of the effect the media have on their thinking, and are now more selective in their choices.

But the problem of ungodliness is not exclusive to the secular media. One of our major concerns is the religious media which present messages contrary to God's Word. Media Spotlight addresses the impact that religious teachers have upon the believer, for good as well as for evil.

It has escaped the understanding of many Christians that what they believe is more often shaped by the teachings and traditions of religious men than by Scripture. Yet the wisdom of the world is no substitute for God's Word, even if offered from the pulpit or in the Christian media.

Jesus warns us in Matthew 24:12 that in the last days the love of many toward Him would grow cold because evil would increase in the world. There is little time to waste in the short span of life granted us by God. We must choose today whom we will serve.


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